Microsoft releases ISOs for Windows 10 build 18932

By | July 11, 2019

Nearly a month after releasing the first official ISOs for a preview from the 20H1 development branch, Microsoft today published ISOs for Windows 10 Insider Preview build 18932. Naturally, you can use them for a clean installation of the build.

Last month, Microsoft actually split its ISO page into two sections, differentiating between images for the Fast ring and those for the Slow ring. We now know that the Slow ring is reserved for 19H2, the feature update that’s coming later on this year. Unfortunately, there still aren’t any Slow ring ISOs available, at least through official channels.

As usual, you’ll have three options when downloading the ISO for build 18932. You can download the Windows 10 Insider Preview, Windows 10 Enterprise Insider Preview, and Windows 10 Home China Insider Preview. There are also new Desktop App Converter base images, there’s a new Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) build, and there’s a new Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) build. Interestingly, there’s no new SDK today.

If you want to download the new ISOs, you can find them here.


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