Outlook’s calendar gets a refresh

By | April 23, 2020

Microsoft has  refreshed mail experience, and, this year, it is the calendar’s turn to get a facelift! The updates are fresh but familiar so, as a seasoned Outlook user, you can jump in and be more productive right away. Many of those updates are based on your feedback so thank YOU.  

Calendar updates 

Microsoft made some updates that we hope will allow you to take a glance at your calendar and feel prepared for your day. Let’s take a look! 

Microsoft added AM/PM to every hour and shading for times outside of working hours to add clarity across time zones. 

Image of the day view in the calendar showing highlighting and AM/PM hours.

Microsoft added a bold header, calendar-colored outline and fill, a Time Indicator Bar stretching to the current day and time, and shaded past days to increase the focus on today. 

Image of a week view in the calendar.

Microsoft added Badges that appear below your meetings and count the number of remaining sessions you have for the day that are not in view. 

Image of the badges at the bottom of the calendar.

Microsoft added Today to a new spot in the top left corner so it’s closer to the calendar for quickly jumping back to the current day. 

Image showing the Today button.

Microsoft added a dropdown menu you can access by selecting the arrow to the right of Week in the top right corner to see all your views.   

Image showing drop down menu of calendar view options including day, work week, week, month, and schedule wiew.

Microsoft have also given meeting details an update that delivers critical information without the extra noise.   

Image showing meeting details.

Microsoft have reordered the date and time in Schedule View to align with the Scheduling Assistant. 

Image showing a day in the calendar in the schedule view option.

Microsoft also refined the Color options for Calendar and Categories to align with Outlook on other platforms (web, iOS, Android, Mac). 


These updates are available in Outlook for Windows to Insider Fast users on Version 2002 (Build 12527.10000) or later.  

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